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Let techs be techs.

Technicians love to fix stuff but hate all the baggage that comes with it, like completing job sheets, writing documentation, scheduling work and reporting. ServiceTree does all of this for them so they can stick to their knitting. Or networking.

Best of all, ServiceTree is a pure browser-based tool, so techs can work from home, or across the world. And everything is recorded so you can have a sticky-beak whenever you like, from wherever you like.

ServiceTree is optimised to deliver a process that flows smoothly – guiding a support issue through all stages of identification, definition, allocation, execution and completion.

OPEN NEXT | ServiceTreeTechnicians only need to:

1. Hit the Open Next™ button.
2. Follow the decision tree process

A Single Source of Truth

Unlike traditional resource management systems, which get slower and less useful over time, ServiceTree’s power grows, as its body of knowledge builds and evolves. It consolidates all the important information held by your technical teams and converts it into a set of comprehensive structured procedures; allowing every technician to become a subject matter expert.

Through its powerful features, logical flow and intuitive user interface, ServiceTree provides technical support teams with a single source of truth, where they all can live, work and grow.

Concise, timely info.

Using carefully devised and flexible algorithms, ServiceTree delivers only the information required to execute a specific task for a specific item at a specific location. And it does this based on a matrix of seven key variables.

Effectively, ServiceTree is a dynamic but highly structured knowledge engine, configured by ‘subject matter experts’ to provide on-site or remote support services, right down to granular level.

The more you use it, the more powerful it becomes.

Paperwork, documents, passwords – gone!

ServiceTree overcomes all service-delivery choking points. Job authorization, staff compliance, rostering, support documentation and client access controls are all managed by ServiceTree.

When access to a remote system is required (E.g. RDP, VNC or SSH), ServiceTree connects the dots and drops the tech exactly where they need – right within ServiceTree. There’s no longer a need to maintain a separate database of clients’ login credentials (frighteningly insecure!).

In addition, jobs are allocated based on a rostering system and assigned to techs based on their skillset, compliance and availability. Importantly, this happens one job at a time – they can’t cherry pick jobs they want to do and delay or ignore others.

The right ticket to the right tech at the right time | ServiceTree


Achieve consistent service delivery 24/7.

ServiceTree returns control to where it belongs – the team leader. Know immediately, everything you need to know about your customers, your team and the support jobs in the system.

In an instant, ServiceTree answers questions that, till now, may have taken hours or even days to know. For example:

  • Which technicians can do which jobs for which customers or locations?
  • How long does a routine task take to complete?
  • What’s the next job, based on client priority, job priority, SLA and location?
  • What did each technician actually do on his or her assigned jobs? Can they prove it?
  • Have all the parts, sublet items and hours been captured for billing?
  • Who is authorised for what and where?
  • How safe are the client access credentials? Who has access to them and how can you stop them from being hacked, leaked or used inappropriately?
  • How effectively and accurately can you communicate a job to a client when you bill them?
  • How do you document processes and maintain the accuracy and relevance of this information?
End to end tech support management | ServiceTree
Control your Tech Support Team | ServiceTree

A New Approach to Pricing

Our goal was always to make ServiceTree as simple and easy to adopt as possible. That includes the pricing.

Unlike other systems with complex price structures, we offer three service levels and two pricing tiers. And that’s it.

But here’s the game-changer:

We don’t charge per user. Have as many users as you like!

  • Pricing starts at $0.99 per device (or location)
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Onboarding costs are minimal
  • Expect efficiency/productivity gains of around 20% or more
  • Expect staff and client satisfaction levels to increase
  • Know your business better so you can grow it better

If anyone tells you that MSP/PSA software pricing can’t be this simple, tell them they’re talking out of their hat. A big red one.

A new approach to PSA pricing for MSPs | ServiceTree

And so we now invite you to see it for yourself. Let’s talk about the pressure points in your business, and areas where improvements can be realised.

We’re convinced that within 10 minutes of seeing ServiceTree in action, you’ll want it to revolutionise your business; just as it has ours.

For tech support automation, ServiceTree rocks!

Transform your team today.

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