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Let techs be techs.

Whether you’re a Windows, Linux or Mac specialist, ServiceTree works with you. All you need is an HTML5 browser and you’re good to go – from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection!

And it won’t force you to do stuff you hate doing (job sheets and reports anyone?). Instead, it knows what you’re great at, and gives you more of that stuff to do. Procedures are already mapped out in ServiceTree so you don’t have to remember them (or worse, find the last set you wrote…somewhere), and job sheets are built on the fly automatically.

Do you live in a Windows world? Inject your PowerShell cmdlets into ServiceTree. Or maybe you’re a Linux guru – spread your knowledge through your Python scripts. Perhaps you’re into Bash – it doesn’t matter. With ServiceTree, you have enormous power at your fingertips, right there in the UI.

Imagine being able to spin up a Windows server VM in a customer’s on-premise VMware environment, having it added to their domain ready for them to use – all from a web browser on your phablet. You can then even install the applications RDP’ing into the server.

Once your scripts are in ServiceTree your whole team can utilise them to help their customers. And best of all? They can’t change them. Heaven.

OPEN NEXT | ServiceTreeEvery job is a simple two-step process:

1. Hit the Open Next™ button.
2. Follow the decision tree process

A Single Source of Truth

If you’re a technician, you don’t have time to research things, and yet, that’s exactly what you’re doing half the time. ServiceTree finally puts an end to this issue because the information that drives ServiceTree is the same information that helps every techie.

It’s just-in-time knowledge. Not ‘just-in-case’; not peripheral knowledge. No – only what you need to know, and only when you need to know it.

At any stage in the process of fixing an issue, or even working through a customer request, ServiceTree feeds the required knowledge to you to get to the end goal as quickly and efficiently as possible. You’ll never be lost for an answer; you won’t have to retrace your steps to try another route.

It’s the single source of truth that everyone can rely on.

Concise, timely info.

You were hired to be a technician – not a Project Manager. So why do you waste so much time behaving like one? Are you constantly asking your Service Delivery Manager what to do next?

Why do you need to know every customer’s SLA, or what’s important to them and what isn’t? Why are these things managed manually in the first place? ServiceTree eliminates all of this. All you have to worry about is pressing one button: ‘Open Next’.

You no longer need a day planner. ServiceTree leverages information in the client’s SLA – right through to which customer contact is authorised to spend money – to plan out all the work in the most appropriate order. It also knows what you’re good at, and what you’re clueless about, so you don’t have to keep reminding everyone to stop giving you the MacOS issues, just because you have an iPhone!

The more you use it, the more powerful it becomes.

Paperwork, documents, passwords – gone!

How much time do you waste looking for the latest server or router password? And how many hoops do you jump through to log into your password repository? Can you only access certain customer devices from your office or the customer’s environment? These are everyday issues for the average tech.

ServiceTree removes the requirement to even know (let alone see) the username or password for a server. Be it an SSH or Telnet login, or an RDP login or VNC password – ServiceTree has it covered. Once you’re logged into ServiceTree, you don’t have to worry about another credential for any device. Access is seamless and totally secure.

ServiceTree overcomes all service-delivery choking points. Job authorization, staff compliance, rostering, support documentation and client access controls are all managed by ServiceTree.

In addition, jobs are allocated based on a rostering system and assigned to techs based on their skillset, compliance and availability. That means you don’t have to jostle for the ‘right job’. Your next job is always the right job.

The right ticket to the right tech at the right time | ServiceTree


Achieve consistent service delivery 24/7.

ServiceTree allows all techies work together to deliver great service. You no longer have to worry about fixing up someone else’s work, or making sure you’ve read every email before you start your day. ServiceTree is designed to ensure that all the information is in the one place, helping minimise re-work.

You’ll never have to explain again to your SDM what you did to fix that server or justify why you didn’t add the ACL that limited access to one of the customer’s web server. All the data is there in ServiceTree for the SDM to do their job, and for you to do yours.

ServiceTree’s piece de resistance is its consistency of service delivery. It answers important questions with startling accuracy.

  • Who can do which jobs for which customers or locations?
  • How long does a routine task take to complete?
  • What’s the next job based on client priority, job priority, SLA and location?
  • What did each technician actually do with their assigned jobs?
  • Have all the parts, sublet items and hours been captured for billing?
  • Who is authorised for what and where?
  • How safe are the client access credentials? Who has access to them and how are they protected?
  • How effectively and accurately do you communicate a job to a client when you invoice them?
  • How do you document processes and how do you maintain the accuracy and relevance of all this information?
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For tech support automation, ServiceTree rocks!

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